The Reason Why Air Conditioning Filter is Important to Your Car

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The air conditioning filter play a very important role in the vehicle as they allow for breathing clean air and avoiding pollution and bad odors.

When thermometers exceed 30 degrees, the use of air conditioning is almost mandatory. According to a recent INE study, in Spain, 35.5% of households have air conditioners. Enter them, the best quality made by Bosch. Murcia, with 65% of homes with air conditioning, tops the ranking followed closely by Andalusia and Extremadura.

When the heat comes, the first thing we do is plug these devices to make our lives more bearable. However, how many of us have ever changed the filters of our air conditioners? In the commercial premises of this task, the maintenance companies are usually commissioned and, therefore, the air conditioning of the stores and restaurants feels cooler and cleaner.

According to the manufacturer Bosch,  the air conditioning filter in our homes must be changed regularly and cleaned, at least once every two weeks. Keep in mind that these filters trap dust particles, pollen, and other harmful substances. Besides, they are responsible for avoiding the bad odors that sometimes give off our air conditioners. However, the American population is very unaware of this and plug their devices without stopping to think about when it was the last time they cleaned the filters.

It is also very important to keep in mind that the filters of these devices limit the entry of pollution to the device itself and that, if we neglect its cleaning, we may be destroying them. In this way, manufacturers such as Bosch recommend being very attentive to this nuance since it is something that does not cost much to change, and that makes the difference between cooling in summer and breathing clean and clean air. The filters of these devices are very economical, and we must not forget that everything we invest in maintenance will save on more expensive repairs.

So if you have ever wondered why your house doesn’t feel as fresh as the public places that have this device, maybe this is the answer. When was the last time you changed the filters of your air conditioner?

Another very important aspect to consider is the air conditioning of the vehicles. If only one-third of American homes have air conditioners, when we talk about cars, the percentage rises to almost 100%. Although the first attempts at air conditioning in vehicles dating back to the 1930s, the systems we currently know about cooling in cars emerged between the 1970s and 1980s in the United States.

Since then, the car industry has been improving the technique by leaps and bounds until today, in which few vehicles lack air conditioning. But if the air conditioning filter in our homes are a headache, the car filters are even more delicate. Our air conditioner is usually fixed at the top of a wall at home, while opposite in vehicles.

air conditioning filters

Filters are important.

If the air conditioning filters protect us from pollen and dust (among other things), the vehicle’s filters are also responsible for purifying bad odors and harmful gases generated in the driving tracks. When we are in a traffic jam inside the car with the air conditioning plugged in, we must think that our filters are not only cooling the passenger compartment but protecting us from the polluting gases emanating from the rest of the vehicles.

Car experts recommend changing the filters of the vehicle every 15,000 kilometers or once a year since their wear is more pronounced than that of our homes. One of the most important brands in the sector, Bosch, offers the consumer very economical filters superbly designed to make our car a comfortable cabin.

One of the lines Bosch works with is that of active carbon. Its filters consist of several layers, and one of them is carbon; this material is ideal when it comes to trapping bad odors and pollution. Also, if we add to the carbon of the filters the microfibers with which these filters manufactured, we will have an ideal combination since the microfibers are responsible for generating static electricity that derives pollution to the carbon layer where the air is purified.

This type of filter is very efficient both to cool our car and to heat it during the winter months as it withstands temperatures between -40 degrees to +85 degrees. So the next time you visit your mechanic, do not hesitate, ask about Bosch’s activated carbon filters.


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