The Common Infractions People Meet During The Road Trip

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New Year, the beginning of holidays for many Americans. Everything is ready to go on the road, with the car already loaded and ready, but are you sure you’ve seen everything?

It is not enough to prepare our car to make our desired vacation trip. It is necessary to comply with a series of limitations and precautions if we want to avoid having unpleasant setbacks. Once on the road, with family or friends, it leaves us without being able to drive or continue our trip.

In addition to the breakdowns caused by poor car maintenance, it exposed to your behavior on the road. Because if you commit any of these infractions, you can see how traffic agents immobilize your vehicle and will not allow you to continue on your way Destination on the beach or in the idyllic mountain village you were heading.

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Children on board

If you travel with children, you better do so with appropriate security measures, that is, with child restraint systems appropriate to their age and size. Among the novelties recently added to the General Circulation Regulation has been added the power to the agents of the Traffic Association of the Civil Guard. It can immobilize all those vehicles detected in which children do not travel with the appropriate security measures correctly installed to the Vehicle board. That the two minutes it takes to install a child safety seat correctly do not leave you without a vacation.

Excess Occupants

Exceeding the number of occupants authorized to travel aboard a vehicle is also a cause of immobilization. In addition to carrying an important sanction, it may involve the immobilization of the vehicle if the number of places authorized therein exceeded by 50 percent. The reason is simple: it represents a significant violation of the security measures established for the vehicle and its passengers.

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Who else who least takes advantage of the holidays to have a couple of drinks from time to time, and that means you should not get behind the wheel after doing so. It should not forget since driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs implies the immediate immobilization of the vehicle, as well as significant penalties and legal consequences that may even lead to the withdrawal of the license.

The immobilization of the vehicle will be applied immediately, as long as the driver does not have a companion. Who has been negative in the alcohol and drug tests performed by the agents and can drive the car in its place, or that any other driver moves to pick up the driver and drive the vehicle through him. You know, this summer I don’t play it for drinks.

car on vacation

Tires or windshield in poor condition

If the agents who stopped your car detect that either the tires or the windshield of your car are not inadequate conditions. Due to wear or irregularities that can compromise both the safety of the car and that of other road users, they can also proceed to the immobilization of the vehicle until verifying that it is correctly in running order.

So try to wear the tires with the correct pressures and in a convenient condition for use, that is, without wear or abnormal malformations. And the same with the windshield. For the first time this year, the DGT Traffic Association agents carried out last January a campaign to check the windshield status, given the structural importance that this element has in the car to ensure safety in case of impacts and accidents.

If the windshield does not guarantee the correct visibility of the driver, it has cracks or is excessively scratched, and the Civil Traffic Guard can also proceed to immobilize the vehicle by doubting the safety of the vehicle in traffic.

Bad fumes and excessive noise

The excess fumes expelled by the exhaust pipe of a vehicle may also involve the immobilization of a vehicle on the road, to the more than reasonable that the car is exceeding permitted emission levels doubt. This reason that can go further in these coming months given the growing importance that environmental issues have been in the car.

And although this type of incident is not usually frequent, agents can also force the immobilization of the vehicle if they consider that the vehicle exceeds the level of fumes and gases allowed or appreciate changes in the vehicle’s exhaust system. This result also affects the high noise level that some escapes produce, more than a determining factor, so that in a residential area, the vehicle immobilized until the level of decibels it emits when driving verified.

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Use of inhibitors or radar detectors

The use of inhibitors or radar detection systems through the emission of waves specifically prohibited in current regulations. This infraction, considered very serious, entails significant economic sanctions as well as the deduction of points (up to 6,000 dollars of penalty and loss of 6 points, in the case of inhibitors and 200 dollars and 3 points in the case of detectors).

Systems based on geolocation from databases are allowed, but not inhibitors or detectors. Agents can retain your vehicle and prevent its circulation if they consider that it has one of these elements installed onboard.

Remember: The best way to avoid a radar is to comply with traffic regulations.

ITV in force

The corresponding ITV sticker on the upper right of the windshield is mandatory for cars that have passed it. If your car lacks it, the agents of the authority can stop your march to verify if it has passed the corresponding inspection or not. Do not delay the ITV that corresponds to your vehicle.

If they stop you on the road and the agents verify that you have not passed it, they will immobilize your vehicle at that moment, and you will have to transfer it by crane to the nearest ITV to pass it. And even more, if the agents suspect that there are well-founded causes so that your car has not passed it, that is deficiencies such as those discussed in other points of this same article.

Deficiencies in the car:  lights, metal, glass

If the agents of the authority detect any anomaly in the vehicles in circulation that could endanger both its occupants and any other user of the road, they can stop the vehicle in even decreeing its immobilization until the said anomaly rectified. Circulating, defective brakes, severe blows, broken glass, or simply with defective lighting can mean that your vacation trip is interrupted. Try to repair visible defects – as well as hidden defects – as soon as possible to ensure safety and avoid major evils.

car on vacation

Insurance in force

Traffic agents can check your vehicle’s insurance data at the time, even without having stopped your trip. If they suspect that your car lacks it, they can check Unespa’s database and find out if the vehicle you are driving is properly insured or not. Before going on vacation, verify that this is the case, and you have not left your insurance policy pending payment.

Documentation in order: trailers and overload

The excess charge of a vehicle may also involve the arrest and immobilization thereof by Traffic agents until such anomaly remedied. If you load your car, remember everything has a limit, including the height of the load located on the roof of the car. Although the sky has an infinite height, your car cannot and should not take advantage of it. In addition to causing a high increase in consumption and emissions of your car, it also involves a serious decrease in the stability of the car, especially in sharp turns or turns.

The lack of proper fixation of heavy loads in the boot of cars also causes accidents when moving these in sharp or severe turns. Try to fix and distribute a load of your car well and avoid as far as possible approach or exceed the limits set by the vehicle manufacturer.

Proper clothing and equipment

If the driver lacks the right clothes to drive, he can also stop, and his car immobilized until he has it. On holidays, especially in coastal areas, it is common to see drivers who drive their vehicle with flip flops or inappropriate footwear and even do it barefoot. This result is a serious risk for driving that you should avoid, if possible. Although it is especially visible in the case of motorcycles, it can also be detected in car drivers and cause the vehicle to be immobilized. Remember, when you drive, do it with the right shoes and clothes.


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