The Breakdowns That You Can Suffer in Summer

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During the summer it is important to know that high temperatures can cause several breakdowns that have more incidence during this time of year.

The summer is the time when temperatures rise to considerable limits and make us find bad and unwilling to work or great efforts. And if this happens to us, imagine what a car suffers when the ambient temperature exceeds 30 degrees, and all the mechanics begin to suffer more than is due. These temperatures make cars more prone to suffer some breakdown that at other times of the year is not usually common. Let’s see some of these car breakdowns that occur in summer.

The Tires

One of the things we won’t get tired of saying is that the tires must be in condition. Do not miss a single symptom of tires. And in summer it is much more important to take them in perfect condition. In summer, the asphalt is hotter, and this causes greater wear. A trip of, say, 700 kilometers during a summer day when the sun is hot enough, can make the tires suffer enough. An occasional stop will not only serve to rest and regain strength but also so that the car cools better.

The air conditioning

Although most of the year this car complement is not used, summer arrives, and it is impossible to drive without it. Even if it is on short journeys, it has to start to circulate in conditions and without suffering the rigors of heat. We are not talking about the moment we left the beach and at noon when it is already directly impossible to get into the car. Although there are ways to cool the car in summer before starting to drive, air conditioning is essential. Prolonged use can cause breakage and leakage in the air conditioning ducts that make it malfunction. It is important to review the entire system, not only the load but to verify that everything is correct.

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Engine cooling system

The engine usually picks up cold air from the outside to cool down. So in summer, it is quite complicated to get rid of the heat that causes its operation. The oil temperature is usually higher in summer, especially when standing in traffic jams. The car uses the electric fan to cool the engine, which captures the air and sends it to the engine to cool it when there is no movement of the car, and it does not enter naturally. If this system breaks down, the engine temperature will be very high, and there may be a risk of the failure being much more serious.

The alternator

The alternator is the element that converts mechanical energy into electricity. In summer, the air conditioning and the electric fan used more frequently, so the electricity needs are greater. This more continued use may cause the alternator to break down. Special attention must pay to the most vulnerable parts, such as the belt. If in the pre-trip review, it detected that it is in poor condition, it is convenient to fix it or replace it before leaving on vacation, since in case of breakage, the car will be disabled.


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