New Smart Lights to Improve the Signaling of the Volkswagen

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Volkswagen’s new intelligent and interactive LED headlight systems will improve the safety of cars with autonomous driving and even for current ones

Volkswagen has introduced its new smart light system for its future models. This LED light system wants to mark the distance with its competitors and increase safety in future cars with autonomous mobility. In the future that the company sees very close, autonomous cars will not have visual communication with other drivers. So it will be important that there is a way to make that interactive and intelligent communication, which will alert the rest of the vehicles that circulate on the road.

These new headlights will use at least 30,000 points of light, which will allow the headlights to be used as a communication channel with other vehicles, projecting information directly to the road. All this information will make the rest vehicles aware of the presence of the car. And all the maneuvers it will perform at any time. But these new LED headlights will have other functions to improve vehicle safety and allow you to perform maneuvers more safely.

The led headlight will also allow projecting lane lines in front of the car, so that the automatic systems can determine the width of the car and its position concerning the road markings, to keep the car inside the lane. This regarding the headlights. If we talk about taillights, Volkswagen’s new lighting systems will use taillights that will also be able to issue warnings to the cars that circulate behind it. In risky driving situations, the taillights may warn of the cars that follow, allowing car-to-car communication.

Volkswagen's LED headlight

Volkswagen light systems

These lights can also be used to mark the trajectory of the car during a maneuver such as parking, helping any pedestrian going to the maneuver the car will perform, increasing security during parking. The German company is testing these new systems in a tunnel that recreates traffic conditions using these lights. The tunnel is 100 meters long, 15 meters wide and 5 meters high and recreates real driving conditions. This tunnel has helped the company to develop these light systems since it is not necessary to wait until it is a night to carry out the tests.

At the moment, this whole system of intelligent and interactive lights is under development, so it will take a while to be available. Of course, when they are, they will be an important safety additive for your cars.


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