How to Choose Automatic Gearboxes for Vehicle?

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We can find a wide variety of automatic gearboxes, so it does not hurt to know which ones we will find most frequently.

The vast majority of people understand by an automatic gearbox that for which our car does not have a clutch pedal and makes gear changes without our intervention. And this is something true and valid, but if we delve a little more into the issue will see that not all automatic gearboxes are the same. In the market, we will find several types, even within a particular model may be different depending on the version, so it is important to know what are the main types of automatic gearboxes to know what we are buying.

Before explaining the most common types of an automatic gearbox, you should know that it is very difficult to opt for one in particular. And that is depending on the characteristics that we are looking for in our next car. The gearbox will vary depending on the work you are going to do. However, this does not mean that it is not important to know what system we are using, as it will help us to learn about what we are paying and how it works.

Torque converter

The automatic torque converter gearboxes could consider as the classic, the most used, and those that place as the preferred option by the manufacturers. This result is because the automatic torque converter can change gears smoothly, thanks to the elimination of the classic clutch disc from the manual gearboxes by a torque converter that sends the force through a very viscous lubricant.

In the beginning, these gearboxes turned out to be too abrupt, which resulted in breakdowns. Still, with the consequent evolution, the automatic torque converter gearboxes have improved substantially. They are the reference in terms of a great relationship between efficiency, softness, reliability, and cost of seven or eight gears, although we can even find them up to 10 gears in large displacement vehicles.

The automatic torque converter gearboxes will not see in virtually any low-end car. For this, we will have to go to the mid/high range sector, whereas an example of this gearbox we find the Triptonic of the VAG Group or the Steptronic riding BMW.

Torque converter

Robotic double clutch

If its smoothness characterizes the previous gearbox, in those with the dual robotic clutch, this characteristic rises to the extreme, making occupants imperceptible when gear changes are made. Also, the gear selection occurs in a way very fast. On the other hand, robotic double-clutch gearboxes have a substantial increase in cost compared to a manual gearbox, although in front of it, and depending on our driving mode, we can save up to 10% fuel.

These characteristics of the robotic double-clutch gearbox achieved thanks to the installation of the two clutches that are in an oil bath and are operated by two control axes, which are responsible for engaging the different relationships. In this way, one clutch deals with even gears, while the other does it with the odd ones, leaving the next gear already preselected when we go up or down, hence its speed and smoothness.

This type of gearbox is the star of Volkswagen because if instead of calling it that we named it by DSG change, it may sound more to you, although within the group itself, we can also find it as S Tronic for Audi.

Robotic double clutch

Continuous Variator (CVT)

The automatic change of continuous stands out for its great smoothness because there are no gears in its interior as we know them. But certain regulations that occur between the motor and the transmission, but unfortunately, despite its smoothness, this Exchange rate does not meet the standards required in a sports or large displacement vehicle that we are going to demand. On the other hand, in vehicles destined for urban driving, this is the ideal gearbox. Although, it has achieved as an option to contemplate for vehicles of greater powers, such as Audi equipped with a Multitronic box.

Thanks to this gearbox, you can achieve significant fuel savings, since where it will work best is when the engine is kept at low revolutions, while if we turn it around it will be where this small gearbox makes perhaps excessive noise. Apart from the Audi Multitronic, this gearbox usually found in Japanese vehicles such as the e-CVT that rides the Toyota Prius since they are reliable and have a low cost.

Continuous Variator (CVT)

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