Future Car Models Will Have Driving Assistance System That Improve Safety

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The new models include driving assistance systems that improve safety and allow us to drive better and more efficiently

Today’s cars have many advantages over what we could see in the market only a few years ago. And not only do they have better and more efficient engines, braking systems to keep the car under control. But they have added driving assistance systems that help the driver improve the driving experience and increase travel safety. Let’s see some of those assistants who have arrived not long ago and are there to stay.

Automatic emergency braking

This system avoids the dreaded blows by reach, which are usually one of the most common while driving. The assistance warns the driver when the vehicle that precedes it is nearby, or if a pedestrian passes by and if it detects that the driver does not brake and prevents the collision, he acts on his own by applying the brake.

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Driving assistant in the caravan

Some cars have an assistant that allows driving in a caravan. This system starts the engine, changes the gear and advances, and stops always maintaining the safe distance with the previous vehicle. In this way, the driver can relax and let the assistant take control of the cumbersome and always cramped traffic jams.

Lane change warning assistant

This assistant allows, thanks to a front camera, to identify the road lines and make the car continue along the lane. Warns when the car deviates from the path and threatens to exit the lane. In some cases, it can also act on the direction, allowing the trajectory to be corrected and the car kept inside the lane.

Signal recognition assistant

Road signs indicate the maximum speed when we can overtake and even if there are works on the road. The cameras identify the signals, and the software interprets it, offering the information to the driver unequivocally so that he always knows the conditions he has in this section.

Neutral assistant in the rear view mirror

It is one of the greatest dangers we face when we drive is the neutral of the rearview mirror. Sometimes we can’t see who is approaching from behind and we can find a good scare if we see it appear suddenly. The neutral warning system emits a signal in the rearview mirror when it detects a car and warns the driver of the danger coming from behind.

driving assistants

Cruise speed assistant

Thanks to this system, the driver can program speed of movement, and the system is responsible for maintaining it throughout the journey, activating the brake and accelerator if necessary. In this way, the driver only acts when deemed necessary and only needs a small touch to regain manual control. Meanwhile, you have to be aware of the traffic, but without acting on the accelerator.

Auto parking assistant

The parking maneuver can be much easier if we let it be the car itself that is responsible for parking by itself. The parking assistant is responsible for determining if there is enough space, controlling distances, and even taking control of the direction. Thanks to the 360º cameras that equip cars.

With the use of these systems and similar ones that are on the market or will arrive shortly, the reduction of claims can achieve on a day-to-day basis. It is technology applied to road safety, which will help us to move more safely and efficiently.


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