Do You Want to Convert Your Car Headlight Bulbs to Led? We Explain How to Do It

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Are you thinking of adapting your car headlight bulb to LED? You must take into account a series of tips and recommendations as well as if you will amortize the investment

Current legal regulations allow converting a car headlight bulb to Led . The main condition is that vehicles must comply with the standard that affects cars manufactured from 2001 onwards. Also, some vehicles manufactured previously can be adapted to led if they have the ECE / ONU R-115 approval.

Can I adapt my car to led headlights?

The diesel vehicles can not become Led headlights completely due to their technical characteristics, although they can circulate oil blending, which greatly reduces emissions by improving the combustion.

Some very powerful car vehicles may have conversion problems because gas injectors cannot introduce fuel into cylinders. In other cases, it is the same manufacturer who advises against conversion to led because the valves may fail with the new system. In cars with direct injection, to convert them to Led, the injectors must be replaced to withstand higher temperatures than they had using halogen.

With the proliferation of hybrid vehicles by Toyota, although the brand does not approve it, we do know the installation in these vehicles of an led system, especially in taxi drivers, which reduces the cost, in dollars, per kilometer. Warn in any case that if the brand does not approve it, the warranty lost from that moment.

Do You Want to Convert Your Car Headlight Bulbs to Led? We Explain How to Do It

How much does it cost to change my car headlight to led?

In America, not all mechanical workshops can adapt a car to led headlight bulb. They must be duly approved and authorized to make the conversion since they have to sign an opinion where they are responsible for the installation in case there is a problem. This opinion will deliver at the ITV station, and if the workshop is not approved, the user will not be able to pass the inspection. This regulation is used to prevent the proliferation of unauthorized workshops that make adaptations to LPG at lower prices than usual, and they are not responsible for any anomaly that may arise after installation.

The price of transforming a  car to led headlights depends on the vehicle model and its characteristics, but, in general, it usually ranges between 1,50 and 2,50 dollars. The volume of the engine and horses are determining factors when offering a conversion budget. For example, more cylinders will require more gas valves to install, and the price will be higher.




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