Common Breakdowns in Combustion Car But Won’t Appear in Electric Car

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In the future of electric cars, these breakdowns that we present to you will be a thing of the past, breakdowns of cars with thermal engines that they will never see

Electric cars have their virtues and defects. It must recognize that a priori, they are more expensive, they can offer great reluctance for factors such as the time needed to recharge them, including the controversy over whether their autonomy is acceptable or not.

But there is no doubt that the transition to the electrification of the automobile sector will lead to a point where we forget about breakdowns that electric cars will never have since they are exclusive to the traditional ones. Those vehicles’ dependence on one or another fuel involves wear or breakdown of parts or systems such as those we now invite you to forget when all the cars we see on the street are electric.

Common breakdowns

Mistake when refueling

It may be the most obvious but, although it is hard to believe, this is one of the most frequent reasons why cars with thermal engines step on the workshop or, at least, arrive by crane.

And that without counting that the transition in the new labeling of the gas stations has been much simpler than it seemed, we cannot avoid thinking about that time that, due to lack of knowledge or ignorance, the hose of the incorrect supplier has ever removed.

Refueling diesel in a gasoline or vice versa is complicated by the nozzles size and the tanks’ mouths, but it happens.

Problems with polluting gas emissions

Regarding the combustion of hydrocarbons, the issue of the emission of the famous NOx, the introduction of particulate filters or FAP in gasoline or diesel cars, cracks, breakage or deterioration of the exhaust system of cars. With the engine’s combustion are problems that whoever buys or uses an electric car does not have to worry because he will never suffer an electric vehicle.

From the problems with the measurement of gases outside the margins of the new ITV to the problem with the EGR valve and the recirculation of gases, through the diesel car needing to refuel AdBlue, none of that affects an electric car.

Common breakdowns

Replacement of spark plugs or glow plugs

An electric car starts; it does not start. This result means that it does not depend on a “spark” that starts the thermal activity of your engine. Simply, if you have enough accumulated electricity, it will start its movement. Otherwise, it will not move.

But you will never have to preheat the diesel to start, and it will not cost to turn the key for a while until you turn on the gas or give cold pulls or during circulation with it due to an erratic consumption of fuel, since electricity used, or not.

Clutch Kit Replacement

Electric cars do not have a gearbox as traditionally known. They don’t have speeds. Hence, once the foot presses the accelerator, it delivers the torque progressively to a maximum without transitions, as is the case with cars with multi-speed gearboxes.

Although some manufacturers and companies bet on the gearboxes in electric cars, at the moment, those marketed do not have them.

Common breakdowns

Maintenance of the timing belt

There are two types of car users: those who live concerned about the proper maintenance of the car and those who do not remember or when they changed the oil for the first group, electric cars offer one more incentive: forget about the timing belt.

One of the toughest issues in the maintenance of the car: its wear without replacement can lead directly to the car to scrapping. In the best case, or undergo a reconstruction of the engine with a large amount of money to solve the mess.

In the best case, changing the timing belt on time is one of the maintenance operations of the car with the highest payout. Something that in an electric car will never need replacing since it lacks it.

But, and if now, you are interested in knowing the other side of the coin, and what you want to know is how is the maintenance of an electric car, we invite you to read the article we publish about what are the most common problems of an electric car..


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